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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Flanagan is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician who trained at the University of Southern California. She worked as a Hospitalist for several years and now has transitioned into the field of Aesthetics - combining both her passion for beauty and aesthetics with her love of medicine and patient care.

She is still actively working as a Hospitalist but will have her clinic open every other week while she is off from the Hospital.

She has added an Aesthetician to her practice so all of her patients can maintain beautiful skin in between treatments - come in and meet Lady Blush Skin and Beauty by Diana Stanis!

Dr. Flanagan will help every patient accentuate their beauty in an elegant, natural way.

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Dr. Flanagan & Dr. Flanagan

Her Husband Dr. Glenn Flanagan is also in the same office who focuses on pain management and regenerative therapies for joints and spine. While she focuses on regenerative therapies for aesthetics. Together they believe in looking good and feeling good too.

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